We believe that God loves all of His children and wants them to be with Him in heaven.  He has given us the responsibility of sharing His love and His commandments with those who don't yet know Him, so that they can choose to accept His gift of salvation.

God has given different gifts to each of us for use in ministry.  Please look around and then contact the leader for the ministry you would like to volunteer.



Serving our Children





Children's Ministries
Leader: Wendy Lewis

Leader: Deborah Butler

Leader: Stacey McKoy

Adventist Youth Society
Leader: Nadine Gayle

Home and School
Leader: Earl Cox, Sr.






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Serving our Community



 Pastor McCleary awarded citation for outstanding community involvement by Maryland House of Delegate, Jay Jalisi



Adventist Community Services
Leader: Margaret Hollman


Disability Ministry
Leader: Ann Cross

Prison Ministry
Leader: Karlene Long

Religious Liberty Ministry
Leader: Zanele Nyathi

Interest Coordinator
Leader: Shirley Rowley





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Serving our Members


Excited to Welcome our new baptized members





Education Ministry
Leader: Carl Curtis

First Elder: Gadarsha Melbourne 


Family Life Ministry
Interim Leaders: Dave & Nadine Gayle

Fifty Plus Ministry
Leader: Margaret Hollman

Health Ministry
Leader: Cleopatra Manuel

Hospitality Ministry
Leader: Monica Melbourne


Men's Ministry
Leader: Ashley Culzac

Personal Ministry
Leader: Pamela Pinder
Secretary: Bessie Evans

Prayer Ministry
Leader: Joy Davis

Sabbath School
Leader: Marcia Hyatt
Secretary: Bessie Evans

Singles Ministry
Leader: Crosreen Smith

Social Recreation Ministry
Leader: Ivy Charles


Stewardship Ministry
Leader: Shelton Stanley

Women's Ministry
Leader: Denise Cox





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Serving our Church






Audio/Visual Department
Leader: Cleveland Bailey

Church Clerk
Leader: Denise Cox

Communications Ministry
Leader: Thembi Sibiya

Leader: Norbert Lewis


Leader: Rachel Sibiya

Leader: Rhoda Hill

Music Ministry
Leader: Anthony Simms

Leader: Bill Hollman



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