Is Flint a mark on Obama's Legacy?

I recently viewed Michael Moore's recent documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9. Now, I am not a registered Socialist or a devotee of Bernie Sanders as Moore seems to be.  I did vote for Hillary in the last Presidential election. And as with most Americans, I am fed up with Trump's pandering.

However, Moore's picture depicted the Flint water debacle as evidence of politics and public officials gone for special interests and profiteering at the expense of poor and largely non-White people.

I was especially appalled when I saw President Obama on news footage, come to Flint and sip the water without declaring an emergency; as if showing support for the pirate governor, Snyder.

This malpracticing blunder made  me think of Cornel West and Tavis Smiley's campaign of anti-Obamaisms as well as Dr. Umar Johnson's chronic railings against Obama being a puppet "that hasn't done anything for Black people."

I launch this initial blog with this commentary and query:

How do you feel about America's first Black President and why?

Do you have empirical evidence for or against Obama?

I welcome your feedback and responses.

Hopefully, you will provide supported responses I can research that will help revise my opinion that will be rooted in objective information.



Pastor Mark A. McCleary