Coronavirus Update Message

March 23, 2020



Dear Liberty Disciple/ Member and Ministry Leader,


“Our God is [STILL] awesome” and March 21 SS and Worship services simulcast (FB and YouTube) were well received. I will be working to improve production this week and we will redo, March 28 with the same format. Please read this entire message and act according so you can participate in a timely manner.

            I remind you to call/ text/ email family, fellow Liberty-ites, and friends, to encourage and monitor their well-being. Please report to me if you learn something needing Pastor/Elder attention.  I also encourage you to claim Yahweh Nissi’s promises in Psalms 91.

           Stay FAT—faithful, available, and teachable by 1. Continued research. 2. Increase your vitamin C and immune system fortification. 3. Wash your hands thoroughly. 4. Cough away from anyone’s face, perhaps, your elbow-bend if you don’t have a ready tissue. 5. If you’re uneasy about shaking hands refrain from doing so and sanitize door handles. 6. Drink PLENTY of water, preferably, with lemon. 7. Avoid direct contact with anyone showing signs of sickness. 8. Monitor anyone who is Elderly, Pregnant, Diabetic, Hypertensive or experiencing sickness. 9. Pray without ceasing for God’s deliverance.

            I will produce another Sabbath School study time (9:45AM) followed by Worship time (11AM) via Facebook Live (Mark McCleary Ministries page) and YouTube (Mark McCleary Ministries channel), Saturday (Sabbath), March 28, 2020. Monitor Liberty’s website and your email or text messages for news concerning Liberty SDA updates—we are our brothers and sisters keeper, especially as far as information is concerned.

In closing, this is a time to not be paralyzed with fear but improvise with the sound minds God has given us. So, invite your family, friends, neighbors, and whomever to share in this internet presentation and fellowship gathering.


In His service,


Dr. Mark A. McCleary