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BJA Christ's Object Lessons Campaign
Join the “Christ’s Object Lesson Campaign” to benefit Baltimore Junior Academy (BJA), April 1 – July 31, 2014. Purchase a box of this practical down-to-earth lesson book, Christ’s Object Lessons,  for $49 (40 books) and obtain a contribution of $5 for each book.  From the proceeds, keep $100.00 and turn in $100.00 to the campaign to help students obtain a Christian education.

BJA is a Christian academy offering Pre K thru 8th grade education to ensure the entire child receives a balanced spiritual, intellectual, vocational, social, and physical education with God as the source of all moral values and truth. BJA has educated more than 12,000 students in its 29 plus years of existence. Located in a vibrant Baltimore City neighborhood, BJA is a beacon of light to the families who attend from that community as well as those who travel from surrounding areas.  

Support BJA, April 1 – July 31, 2014, by purchasing a box of Christ’s Object Lesson. For more information, contact program coordinator Kindra Powell, 443-453-9931.