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The mission of the Education department is to assist the pastor and elders as a team ministry in initiating, promoting and overseeing Christian education and information for adults, youth and children during the week and on Sabbaths. The Liberty Education Department will develop opportunities for church members to grow in their faith and knowledge of Biblical Christian values.

In accountability to the pastor, elders’ board and the church board, the education department will promote educational and spiritual activities as they witness for the Lord within the Liberty Seventh-day Adventist church and the community by empowering and  supporting educational ministries through our departmental goals and objectives.

The Educational Department helps to assess educational needs for all ages at Liberty: setting goals for education, information and helping parents to develop programs and activities for their children to achieve those goals and meet identified needs.

The Education Department works to achieve a strategic plan for Christian education programming at all levels within the Liberty church. They coordinate goals and objectives with the Vacation Bible School and other children and youth programs to support them in their goals, objectives & needs. They emphasize the importance of Christian education through mentorship of the youth by using church members/volunteers.

Create Tutoring Programs for students especially in Math & Science and to assist them in all their academic classes.

Recruit Volunteers to work with lay teachers at our Christian Academy, Baltimore Junior Academy.
Initiate Visibility Sessions around the Baltimore area where educators from SDA schools can showcase their school programming.

Provide beneficial workshops that will support members and the community with life skills such as budget and financial literacy, time management, automotive maintenance, parenting and more.

The education department organized the 2010 Black History AYS program. Church members educated the congregation on various counries including Brazil, Haiti and Nigeria.

Tutoring in Math and Science is conducted Wednesday evenings at the church from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.