Liberty Seventh-day Adventist Church

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY.

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Meet the Elders

The Elder's Board consists of a group of individuals that serve and assist the members in ministry and assist the pastor.  It is a diverse group of leaders that bring a variety of strengths and skills to this spiritual team. The Elder's Board works together to lead and support ministries as well as encourage members.  We invite you to come share in fellowship and ministry at Liberty.


First Elder
Alain Moise

Alain Moise

Elder Alain Moise has served the Liberty church for many years. He is a school administrator by training and uses his gifts of administration, teaching, organization to bless the Liberty church. He has organized several evangelistic efforts and delivers inspiring messages.



Elder Carl A Curtis

Carl  A. Curtis


Elder Oswynn Marcelle

Oswyn Marcelle

Elder Robert Moses

Robert Moses

Elder Sharon Pettaway

Sharon Pettaway




Earl Cox Sr.
Craig Davis
Igo Manuel
Gadarsha Melbourne
Shirley Montegue