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Prison Ministry

Jesus affirmed the importance of prison ministries and its relevancy to the church when He hung on the cross between two thieves.  In fact, He was a prison Chaplin on death row when He changed the sentence of one thief to receiving eternal life.
Mildred Ware and her Prison Ministry Team believe Bible study and worship services used by the Holy Spirit can change the worse inmates into sons and daughters of God.  The main goal of our ministry is to conduct worship services and Bible studies to renew the minds of our incarcerated Sisters; so, they will re-enter society as new regenerated citizens.  We will be ministering to women in the Women’s Detention Center on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.
Our mandate is Matthew 25:36, where Jesus said, “I was in prison and you came to visit me.”  Jail and Prison ministry is a supernatural ministry birthed in the heart of God. It is a Special ministry and precious to Christ because it is a ministry of redemption.  It can not be accomplished without the Power of the Holy Spirit.  It is a ministry from which God gets the Glory.  That’s the reason it is very close to His Heart; and, to be selected by Him to be a part of His Team is an honor.
We will also be ministering to the families of the Inmates.  In the Fall of 2012, we implemented the Angel Tree Program.  And with the tremendous generosity and assistance of the members of Liberty, 19 children received at least 2 gifts each for Christmas which was thought to be from his/her incarcerated parent.  This program’s goal is to not only build or retain the parent-child relationship; but, to introduce the child to

We will also be ministering to the families in other ways by providing help whenever it is needed.  We pray that the Lord will open the necessary doors in order for us to be able to implement an Inmate re-entry program.We realize that training is crucial to an effective and successful ministry; therefore a 13 week lesson courseentitled “You Came Unto Me.” is taught to new volunteers.  It is a training manual for jail and prison ministries.